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Các nhà nhập khẩu dây cáp điện Nam Phi

BuyerEastern Cape, South Africa

Mô tả chi tiết

Eltec Cables (Pty) Ltd (Kya Sands)

Box 325, Kya Sand, 2163

Eltec Hse, 18 Staal St, Kya Sands, 2194

Tel: 011 462-2303 Fax: 011 704-2618


Head of Business G Liebetray

T/over: R7m Staff: 30 Est: 1969 Distributor

of electric cables. Cables (D;E;I;M); Electrical

Supplies (D;I;M); Electronic Equipment,

Components & Services (D;I;M) Brand Names:

Elteflex cables, Kobold tachogenerators.

Import: Germany; USA


Linmar Wire cc

Box 146238, Bracken Gardens, 1452

22 Basalt St, Alrode Ext 7, 1449

Tel: 011 864-7018 Fax: 011 864-7021


Member C K Steyn

T/over: R5m Staff: 10 Est: 1992 Manufacturer

of brass and copper wire, copper strip for

transformers, PVC covered copper wire

for electric cables. Wire & Fencing Products

(E;M) Import: Taiwan; Zimbabwe Export:

Swaziland; Zimbabwe


Micon Coatings cc

Box 76204, Wendywood, 2144, 370 Brighton

Rd, Bramley View, Johannesburg, 2090

Tel: 011 882-1443 Fax: 011 882-4304



Head of Business M D Howard

Finance M H Gullan

Marketing M R Howard

Exporting P Wilson

Sales K Ward

Purchasing Ms R L Howard

T/over: R9m Staff: 20 Est: 1991 Manufacturer

and distributor of fire retardant products.

Coatings – Industrial (D;E;M;W) Brand Names:

Thatchsayf-thatch roofing, Intusayf-structural

steelwork, Flamsayf-electric cables, Pacsayf,

Woodsayf-mining and building industry,

Thatchbor, Flambor Timber Treatment Export:

Gambia; Portugal; Spain; Zambia; Zimbabwe


Eltec Cables (Pty) Ltd (Kya Sands)

Box 325, Kya Sand, 2163

Eltec Hse, 18 Staal St, Kya Sands, 2194

Tel: 011 462-2303 Fax: 011 704-2618


Head of Business G Liebetray

T/over: R7m Staff: 30 Est: 1969 Distributor

of electric cables. Cables (D;E;I;M); Electrical

Supplies (D;I;M); Electronic Equipment,

Components & Services (D;I;M) Brand Names:

Elteflex cables, Kobold tachogenerators.

Import: Germany; USA


Apex Leads cc

Box 1391, Benoni, 1500

12 Apex Rd, Apex Industrial Sites, Benoni

Tel: 011 422-1853 Fax: 011 421-7356



General Manager C Gerasis

Electrical Cables (M)


Powermite Cape

Box 5130, Cape Town, 8000, 8 Tamrick Park,

Calcutta St, Paardeneiland, 7405

Tel: 021 510-6570 Fax: 021 510-6572


Principal Contact Hans Novotny

Staff: 6 Electrical Cable (R); Electronic Equipment,

Components & Services (R)


P H Marketing cc

Unit 6, Manchester Park, 25 Manchester Rd,

East London, 5201

Tel: 043 727-0301 Fax: 043 727-0301

mcurry@mweb.co.za • www.lappinsulator.de

Principal Contact Ms Molly Joy Curry

Electrical Supplies (S); Cables (S)


Boltfast cc

Box 326, Eppindust, 7475, 4 Cable Close,

Western Province Park, Epping Industria, 7475

Tel: 021 534-5576

Principal Contact E Hasselbach

Staff: 31-40 Suppliers of Industrial Fasteners,

Bolts, Nuts & Screws. Fasteners –

Industrial (R;W;E)


Cableman (Paardeneiland)

Box 491, Paardeneiland, 7420

Unit 5, Wallflower St, Paardeneiland, 7405

Tel: 021 510-2100 Fax: 021 510-2104

Principal Contact Sam Joannides

Staff: 1-10 Manufacture, Remanufacture

& Supply of all Clutch, Handbrake, Speedometer,

Accelerator Cables for Vehicles.

Push Pull Controls and Marine Cables.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Cables. Cables



Factor Ltd

Box 16291, Vlaeberg, 8018

93 Keerom St, Cape Town, 8001

Tel: 021 422-0990 • www.enf.ru

Principal Contact S Eremenko

Staff: 1-10 General Contractor in field of

Electric Power Engineering related to

Design & Construction of Substations,

High Voltage & Cable Power Lines & Fibre

Optic Lines. Electrical Contractors (E;I;M;S)


HellermannTyton (Maitland)

Box 453, Goodwood, 7459, B10 Maitland

Park, Voortrekker Rd, Maitland, 7405


Principal Contact Fabian Oostendorp

Staff: 1-10 Cable Accessories. Distributors

for Toptronic & Appa Hand Held Instruments.

Cables (D;E;I;M); Electronic Equipment,

Components & Services (D;E;I;M);

Electrical Supplies (D;E;I;M)


Eltec Cables (Briardene)

Box 39311, Queensburgh, 4070

5 Pelican Place, Briardene, 4093

Tel: 031 563-1702 Fax: 031 563-0876

Principal Contact H W Scholze

Cables (R); Electrical Supplies (S); Electronic

Equipment, Components & Services (S)


Natal Cable & Sound Technology cc

Box 1174, Wandsbeck, 3631, Unit 3, Pennylane

Park, 64 Ebonyfield Ave, Springfield Park

Tel: 031 579-3062 Fax: 031 579-3067

ncst@ncst.co.za • www.ncst.co.za

Manager Gary Newton

Staff: 8 Est: 1989 Computer Cables (R;S);

Computer Services / Supplies / Training (R;S)


Tron Corp (Pty) Ltd

Box 14683, Wadeville, 1422

Unit 38, Momentum Industrial Park, Crocker

Rd, Wadeville

Tel: 011 865-4246 Fax: 011 865-4256

piet@troncorp.co.za • www.troncorp.co.za

MD Piet Harmse

Technical Director Michael Xaba

T/over: R4m Staff: 8 Est: 2004

Building & Engineering Contractors (M);

Cables (R;S); Information Technology, Services

& Systems (S); Security Services (S)


A T C (Pty) Ltd

Box 663, Brits, 0250

3 Marthinus Ras St, Industrial Area, Brits

Tel: 012 381-1408 Fax: 012 381-1489

mdames@atc.co.za • www.atc.co.za

Div HR Director Miekie Dames

Staff: 800 Est: 1955 Cabling (S); Telecommunication

Cables: Copper, Optical Fibre Cables,

Cable Accessories (M;S;E)


A C R Exports cc

Box 782198, Sandton, 2146

171 Katherine St, Sandton, 2149

Tel: 011 444-0307 Fax: 011 444-0373


Head of Business, Importing Jose Rodrigues

Finance, Purchasing Nelson Rodrigues

Marketing, Exporting,

Sales Ms Cristina Rodrigues

T/over: R14m Staff: 7 Est: 1989 Installer &

exporter of telecommunication & electrical

equipment. Cables (E;I;S); Electrical

Contractors (S); Electrical Supplies (S); Safety

Services & Equipment (S); Telecommunications

/ Communication Equipment (E;S) Brand

Names: Telkom, Lesotho Telcom, Telecommunications

De Mozambique. Edui Import: China

Export: Mozambique; Swaziland; Zambia;



Alvern Cables (Pty) Ltd

Box 13477, Witfield Ext, 1467

7 Du Preez St, Knights, 1413

Tel: 011 822-0900 Fax: 011 822-3345



MD D Hunter

Financial Director Willem Smit

HR Manager Pravesh Bhagwandase

Branch Manager Stephen Liasides

Area Manager (Export) David MacFadyen

Production Manager Jonathan Hunter

T/over: R150m Staff: 264 Est: 1967 Manufacturer

& distributor of medium to low

power flexible electrical cables. Cables

(E;M) Brand Names: Permoweld, Permopower,

Aquavern, Alfix, Surfix Single Flex, Permotrail,


Export: Worldwide


Anzac Cables & Wire cc

Box 136642, Alberton North, 1456

Cnr Nasmith & Graphite Sts, Driehoek,

Germiston, 1401

Tel: 011 873-5775 Fax: 011 873-5781

admin@anzac.co.za • www.anzac.co.za

Head of Business, Finance, Importing,

Exporting A L Simm

Marketing, Sales, Purchasing,

Procurement K R Gordon

Credit/Accounts Ms J Bellamy

T/over: R15m Staff: 10 Est: 1993 Distributors

of electrical cables and allied accessories.

Cables (D;E;R;W); Electrical Supplies (D;E;R;W);

Lighting (D;E;R;W) Brand Names: Anzacor,

Anzalene, Anzatherm, Tri-Line Earthing

Export: African Countries; Australia; European



Bom-Mach cc

Box 1865, Kempton Park, 1620

45 Steel Rd, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1619

Tel: 011 394-5704 • www.bom-mach.co.za

Head of Business, Procurement Ivo Broes

Finance Martin Bosch

Human Resources,

Importing Ms Monique Uys

Marketing, Exporting, IT Sheldon Broes

Sales Alwyn de Bruin

Purchasing Willie Pretorius

Credit/Accounts Ms Dail Nel

Production Carl James

Staff: 49 Est: 1987 Local manufacturer of

compaction equipment including service,

repair and rebuilding of all major brands.

A complete range of spares parts for

Bomag and other brands. Bearings (R);

Cables (M;R); Earthmoving & Construction

Equipment (D;E;M;R;S); Engines & Motors

(D;R;S); Filters & Filtration (I;M); Hydraulic &

Pneumatic Equipment (I;M;R;S); Machinery –

Industrial (D;E;M;R;S); Pumps & Valves (I;R;S)

Brand Names: Stampede, Bomag, Hatz,

Robin, Rilco, Bosch Rammers and Wacker.

Import: Germany; India; Italy Export: African



C C G Cable Terminations (Pty) Ltd

Box 192, Kempton Park, 1620

33 – 37 Forge Rd, Spartan, 1619

Tel: 011 394-2021 Fax: 011 975-5825

ccg@icon.co.za • www.ccgcablegland.co.za

MD, Marketing, Importing N Lackinger

Financial Director Ms S Brummer

Operations Director L Boyes

Market Development Manager A Cameron

Creditors Ms L Maree

Staff: 130 Est: 1968 Manufacturer, distributor

& exporter of cable glands, junction boxes,

terminal blocks & accessories, adapters

& reducers. Cables (D;E;M); Electrical Supplies

(D;E;M) Export: African Countries; Australia;

Hong Kong; UK; USA; Worldwide


Cable Technique cc

Box 33891, Jeppestown, 2043

13 Drostdy St, Cleveland, 2094

Tel: 011 616-7657 Fax: 011 616-1603

lucio@ctgroup.co.za • www.ctgroup.co.za

MD, Finance, Human Resources L G Carrozzo

Marketing, Sales L M Carrozzo

Importing, Exporting, Purchasing G Carrozzo

Credit/Accounts Ms L Robinson

Procurement, Production A Vogt

T/over: R24m Staff: 76 Est: 1992 OEM

manufacturers of car audio mounting

accessories & harnesses, antennae, speakers

& housings, plastic components &

metal pressings. Vehicle manufacturer in

SA and internationally. Motor Accessories &

Spares (D;I;M); Plastic – Products, Extrusions,

Mouldings (D;E;I;M) Brand Names: ISO

9002, VDA6.1, ISO/TS 16949/2000 Quality

Accredited Company Import: China; Germany;

Japan; Taiwan Export: Australia; UK


Calidus Von Roll Isola

Box 27194, Benrose, 2011

19 Daniel Rd, Benrose, 2094

Tel: 011 614-2231 Fax: 011 614-1875



Head of Business T Schimper

Finance D Bijker

Human Resources,

Procurement Ms V Potgieter

Marketing Ms C Venter

Importing, Purchasing D Mgoga

Exporting T Molefe

Sales J Sherriff

Production J Rudolph

T/over: R80m Staff: 105 Est: 1962 Sellers of

electro-mechanical insulation to manufacturers

& repairers of electrical equipment.

Cables (D;E;I); Resins & Solvents (D;E;I;S);

Ropes & Twines (D;E;I;S); Fibreglass Material

(D;E;I;M); Electrical Supplies (D;E; I;M);

Insulators & Insulation Materials (D;E;I;M)

Import: Brazil; China; France; Germany;

Greece; India; Italy; Japan; Spain; Switzerland;

UK; USA Export: Angola; Australia; Botswana;

Kenya; Lesotho; Malawi; Mozambique;

Namibia; Swaziland; Uganda; Zaire; Zambia;



Century Electrical

Box 1140, Vereeniging, 1930

24 Stanley Ave, Vereeniging, 1936

Tel: 016 440-1500 Fax: 016 422-1126



Head of Business G J Marx

Finance Ms L Broekman

Human Resources H Marx

Marketing, Importing, Exporting,

Purchasing A Moolla

Sales L van Wyk

T/over: R78m Staff: 78 Est: 1967 Suppliers

of all electrical, instrumentation, lighting,

safety and protective clothing and related

equipment. Batteries (D;E;W); Cables (D;E;W);

Clothing – Protective (D;E;W); Electrical

Supplies (D;E;W); Gloves – Industrial (D;E;W);

Insulators & Insulation Materials (D;E;W);

Safety Services & Equipment (D;E;W); Lighting

(D;E;I;W) Brand Names: G E Lamps Import:

Germany; Hungary Export: Botswana; Ghana;

Malawi; Mauritius; Mozambique; Tanzania;



Conductor Systems cc

Box 75801, Gardenview, 2047, 156 Kushke St,

Meadowdale Ext 3, Edenvale, 1609

Tel: 011 453-3915 Fax: 011 453-1431



Owner M P D’Almaine

Sales, Accounts Executive Ms I Homann

T/over: R4.5m Staff: 8 Est: 1986 Manufacture

motorised cable reels, insulated crane

conductor systems and sliprings. Electrical

Supplies (I;M); Machinery – Industrial (E;M)

Brand Names: Buzzbar, Bewa, Stemmann

Import: France; Germany; Italy; Netherlands;

Spain Export: Australia; United Arab Emirates;



Connector Technology cc

Box 887, Sunninghill, 2157, 10 Electron Ave,

Linbro Business Park, Frankenwald Ext 2, 2065

Tel: 011 608-1375 Fax: 011 608-2135


Head of Business, Importing Mark Rishworth

Sales Ms Jacqueline Booysen

Credit/Accounts Ms Carol Dankworth

T/over: R10m Staff: 18 Est: 1992 Importer

and manufacturer of electrical connectors

and accessories. Cables (I;S); Electrical

Supplies (M) Brand Names: Dinkle, Kinsun,

Don Connex, Cvilux, Stelvio and Heavy Power

Import: Hong Kong; Italy; Taiwan


Daewoo Corp (Young Stanley)

Box 786734, Sandton, 2146, 1st Fl, 13 Fredman

Dr, Sandton, 2196, Tel: 011 784-1326

Fax: 011 784-1301 • jan@daewooint.co.za


Head of Business J H Lee

Marketing J Stekhoven

Staff: 3 Est: 1984 Commodity traders,

import and export. Audio-visual Equipment

(D;E;I;M); Cables (D;I;M); Cellular Phones &

Accessories (D;I;M); Chemicals / Additives

(I;M); Telecommunications / Communication

Equipment (D;E;I;M); Computer Hardware

(D;E;I;M); Electrical / Household Electrical

Appliances (D;E;I;M); Engines & Motors (I;M);

Fertilisers (I;M); Footwear (M) Brand Names:

Daewoo Int, Daytek. Import: China; Korea,

South Export: Korea, South


Dino Candaras Agencies cc

Box 73900, Fairland, 2030

Cnr Sixth St & Ontdekkers Rd, Delarey, 1709

Tel: 011 477-8443 Fax: 011 477-9322



Head of Business Dino Candaras

Finance Ms Julie Candaras

Exporting Ms Julieann Mienie

T/over: R7m Staff: 4 Est: 2004 Export

management company. Abrasives (E);

Adhesives & Glue – Industrial (E); Cables (E);

Mining & Drilling Machinery (E); Security

Equipment (E) Brand Names: Hendok,

Skema, Sinicon, Eurocell, Topchem Export:

African Countries


Diversified Box Converters (Pty) Ltd

Box 751959, Gardenview, 2047

11 Wright Rd, Wychwood, Germiston, 1401

Tel: 011 616-4144 Fax: 011 615-7283


Head of Business A A G D S Silva

Staff: 37 Est: 1996 Suppliers & converters of

all types of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Cables (D;E;I;M;W); Packaging Materials

(D;E;I;M;W) Import: China


E-Business Infrastructure Solutions

(Pty) Ltd

Box 55064, Northlands, 2116

Units 1 & 7, Pabalego Factories, 82A & 82B

Schooner St, Laser Park, Honeydew, 2040

Tel: 011 794-8301 Fax: 011 794-4014

information@ebisafrica.co.za • www.ebis.bz

Head of Business David Futter

Finance, Human

Resources Ms Charnelle Walter-Girout

Importing, Exporting Ms Suegnet Landman

Sales, Purchasing Kimmo Heldan

Credit/Accounts Jatin Maharaj

T/over: R85m Staff: 23 Est: 2000 Value

add distributor with total information

technology solutions. Cables (D;E;I); Computer

Hardware (D;E;I); Computer Services /

Supplies / Training (D;E;I); Computer Software

(D;E;I) Brand Names: IBM, Acer, Panduit, RIT,

Cisco, 3Com, APC, Belden Import: Israel; UK

Export: African Countries\


Eltec Cables (Pty) Ltd (Kya Sands)

Box 325, Kya Sand, 2163

Eltec Hse, 18 Staal St, Kya Sands, 2194

Tel: 011 462-2303 Fax: 011 704-2618


Head of Business G Liebetray

T/over: R7m Staff: 30 Est: 1969 Distributor

of electric cables. Cables (D;E;I;M); Electrical

Supplies (D;I;M); Electronic Equipment,

Components & Services (D;I;M) Brand Names:

Elteflex cables, Kobold tachogenerators.

Import: Germany; USA


Falcon Electronics

Box 260730, Excom, 2023

8 Simmonds St, Cnr Webber St, Selby,

Johannesburg, 2094, Tel: 011 630-1000

tony@fe.co.za • www.falconelectronics.co.za

Head of Business A J Sauls

Finance Ms C Sauls

Human Resources Ian Booysens

Marketing, Sales M Scorgie

Importing J Hensen

Exporting B Michaels

Purchasing J Henson

Credit/Accounts S Khan

Staff: 105 Est: 1984 Manufacturer of

electronic equipment, cables and modules.

Cables (D;E;I;M;R;W); Telecommunications

/ Communication Equipment (D;E;I;M;R;W);

Electronic Equipment, Components & Services

(D;E;M); Sound & Recording Equipment /

Studios (D;E;I;M;R;W); Television & Video

Equipment (D;E;I;M;R;W) Brand Names:

Black Box, Belden Wire, ATI, Mohawk, R W

Data, Pouyet, Pocket, AT&T, Lucent, Kepkep,

Draka, Adler Import: Germany; Hong Kong;

Netherlands; Taiwan; UK; USA Export: African

Countries; Botswana; Mozambique; Nigeria;

Spain; United Arab Emirates


Flowra Trading cc

Box 121, Newtown, 2094

10 Luttig St, Fordsburg, 2094

Tel: 011 834-7269 Fax: 011 614-7474


Head of Business Yusuf Sader

Finance Billal Sader

Procurement Nikhil Talwar

T/over: R3.5m Est: 2005 Export of ferrous

and non ferrous products: steel scrap,

copper, brass and ore. Importer of high

fashion garments. Bakeries & Confectioners

(I); Cables (E); Clothing (I); Foundries (E); Metals

(E); Mineral Waters (E); Scrap Metal Dealers

(E); Stationery & Office Supplies (I) Import:

Bangladesh; India Export: Bangladesh; India;



Freudenberg Nonwovens (Pty) Ltd


Box 147, Isando, 1600, Koornhof St,

Meadowdale Ext 1, Germiston, 1401

Tel: 011 974-1322 Fax: 011 392-2116



Head of Business, Importing Ms Rosa Naidoo

Finance Edwin van Wyk

Marketing, Exporting Craig van Wyk

Purchasing Arnold Reddy

Staff: 150 Est: 1975 Manufacturers of

nonwoven textiles for the mining, fibreglass,

shoes, leathergoods, automotive &

abrasive markets. Suppliers of imported

nonwoven textiles into the medical and

cable markets. Textile Fabrics (D;E;I;M;R;W)

Brand Names: Viledon, Vildona, Vilmed,

Vilene Import: Germany; Italy; UK; USA

Export: Australia; Botswana; Germany; India;

Mauritius; Namibia; Spain; Zimbabwe


Fungani Electrical cc

Box 1329, Boksburg, 1460, 157C Denne Rd,

Agric Estates, Witpoort, Brakpan, 1540

Tel: 011 743-2643 Fax: 011 743-2645


Head of Business Amos Netshaulu

Finance Ms Louis Mariani

Human Resources, Purchasing Nicholas Mabe

Credit/Accounts Ms Awelani Netshaulu

Production Vusi Qhineba

T/over: R1.5m Staff: 33 Est: 2002 Electrical

installation and general maintenance,

fuel master installation and maintenance,

fuel pump repairs, fuel tank manufacturer,

conversion & changes, data communication

cables installation. Electrical

Contractors (S); Electrical Supplies (S);

Electronic Equipment, Components & Services

(S); Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment (D;S);

Pumps & Valves (D;S); Television & Video

Equipment (S



HellermannTyton (Linbro Park)

Private Bag X158, Rivonia, 2128, 34 Milky Way

Ave, Linbro Business Park, Linbro Park, 2065

Tel: 011 879-6600 Fax: 011 879-6602



General Manager Rod Dewing

Financial Director N Gardiner

General Manager J Hattingh

Exporting N Frankleyne

Purchasing D Swart

Staff: 175 Est: 1966 Manufacturers,

importers and exporters of electrical

cable accessories; importer, exporter and

distributor of connectors, tools, electronic

testing equipment. Cables (D); Electronic

Equipment, Components & Services (D;M);

Electrical Supplies (D;M) Brand Names:

Toptronic, Hellermann, Wago, Insulock

Import: Worldwide


Industrial Cable Suppliers cc

Box 35278, Northcliff, 2115

27 Andrea Rd, Reuven, 2091

Tel: 011 683-3203

Head of Business R Paxton

T/over: R75m Staff: 17 Est: 1979 Stockist and

supplier of electrical cables and associated

products. Cables (D;E;I;R;W); Electrical

Supplies (D;E;I;R;W) Brand Names: Aberdare

Cables, African Cables, Sapvc Cables, Alvern

Plastics Import: Zambia Export: Botswana;



Interswitch cc

Box 1681, Florida, 1710, Cnr Anvil Rd &

Granville Ave, Robertville, 1709

Tel: 011 472-1145 Fax: 011 472-3117



CEO D B G Korner

Bookkeeper Ms Tanya Frost

Admin Manager Victor Earp

Factory Manager Lucas Sithole

T/over: R8m Staff: 21 Est: 1962 Manufacture

12kV switchgear, test equipment and

accessories, cable terminations, fault

location. Electrical Contractors (E;I;M);

Electrical Supplies (E;I;M); Generators &

Transformers (E;I;M) Import: Germany; Spain;



Isotron SA (Pty) Ltd

Box 3219, Kempton Park, 1620

5 Waterpas St, Isando Ext 3, 1600

Tel: 011 974-8851 Fax: 011 974-8986

b.viviers@isotron.co.za • www.isotron.com

Financial Manager Ms B Seidel

Customer Service Manager Ms B Viviers

Production Supervisor Derek Stockenstrom

T/over: R9m Staff: 24 Est: 1981 Gamma

irradiation for sterilisation of medical,

pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, laboratory,

packaging, animal hides & products

for import and export. Cross-linking of

polymers. Food Products (E;I;M;S); Farming

(M;S); Medical & Dental Supplies (E;I;M;S);

Pharmaceutical Products (E;I;M); Cosmetics

(E;I;M;S); Veterinary Medicines & Equipment

(M;S); Cables (M;S); Laboratory & Scientific

Equipment (E;I;M;S)


Box 860, Wendywood, 2144, 8 Saddle Dr,

Woodmead Park, Woodmead, 2128

Tel: 011 802-8933 Fax: 011 802-8931

mlotz@jascohq.co.za • www.jasco.co.za

Head of Business Martin Lotz

Finance, Importing Ms Michelle Tait

Human Resources Ms Simone Scheepers-Tait

Marketing Noel Wright

Exporting Paul Richards

Credit/Accounts Ms Simone Lowman

T/over: R300m Staff: 450 Est: 1987 Telecommunication

technologies of voice, image

& infrastructure provision. Integration of

electronic security systems. Manufacture of

componentary for the domestic industry.

Cables (D;E;I;S;W); Telecommunications /

Communication Equipment (D;E;I;R;S;W);

Electronic Equipment, Components & Services

(D;I); Engineering – Structural (M;S); Optical

Goods (D;I;M;S;W); Radios (I;S); Security

Equipment (D;I;M;S;W); Security Services

(I;S); Design Consultants – Industrial (S); Access

Control (D;S) Brand Names: Webb Industries,

Special cables – Multivid, Telesciences,

Tasslelane Import: China; Germany; Turkey;

UK; USA Export: Brazil; France; Kenya;

Mozambique; Nigeria; UK; USA


Kewberg Cables & Braids (Pty) Ltd

Box 124379, Alrode, 1451, 9 Clarke St, Alrode,

1450, Tel: 011 908-5165 Fax: 011 864-6812


Head of Business, Exporting S van Rensburg

Finance Ms P Lombard

Human Resources, Production A van der Walt

Marketing, Sales D Boardman

Importing, Purchasing Ms C Stanton

Credit/Accounts Ms L Snyders

IT E Naude

Procurement R van Niekerk

T/over: R45m Staff: 110 Est: 1972 Manufacturers

of electrical and data transmission

cables. Telecommunications / Communication

Equipment (M); Cables (I;M) Import: Belgium;

Germany; Japan; UK


Linmar Wire cc

Box 146238, Bracken Gardens, 1452

22 Basalt St, Alrode Ext 7, 1449

Tel: 011 864-7018 Fax: 011 864-7021


Member C K Steyn

T/over: R5m Staff: 10 Est: 1992 Manufacturer

of brass and copper wire, copper strip for

transformers, PVC covered copper wire

for electric cables. Wire & Fencing Products

(E;M) Import: Taiwan; Zimbabwe Export:

Swaziland; Zimbabwe


Lonspeare SA (Pty) Ltd

Box 59118, Kengray, 2100, 3 Service Rd, Ext to

Union St, Alberton North, 1449

Tel: 011 907-0879 Fax: 011 907-0050


Head of Business,

Human Resources C J C Borralho

Marketing B Angelo

Sales A Engelbrecht

Credit/Accounts Ms S Borralho

T/over: R32m Staff: 20 Est: 1983 Distributors

of instrumentation, control, fibre and

telephone cables. Cables (D;E;I); Electrical

Supplies (D;E;I) Import: Germany; UK; USA

Export: Botswana; Ghana; Kenya; Lesotho;

Malawi; Mozambique; Zambia; Zimbabwe


National Cables (Pty) Ltd

Box 136106, Alberton North, 1456

233 Davidson St, Wadeville, 1428

Tel: 011 824-4747 Fax: 011 824-4474



MD, Purchasing J L Battiss

Financial Director, Marketing,

Importing Ms Thelma Battiss

Human Resources Ms M van der Merwe

Exporting, Director Paul Menge

IT Ms D von Metzinger

Sales Manager C Coombes

T/over: R80m Staff: 38 Est: 1990 Importers,

exporters and distributors of electric

power cables, high, medium and low

voltage. Cables (D;E;I;R;W); Electrical Supplies

(D;E;I;R;W) Import: Brazil; Spain; Zambia;

Export: African Countries


Netpro Cabling cc

Box 136086, Alberton North, 1456

46 – 2nd Ave, Alberton North, 1449

Tel: 011 907-3554 Fax: 011 869-9238


CEO Ms E C Muirhead

Marketing E Erasmus

Sales Ms A Strydom

Purchasing H Olifant

Credit/Accounts Ms C Erwee

IT C Herbst

Production D Erasmus

T/over: R6.8m Staff: 30 Est: 1990 Computer

data, electrical and voice cabling, network

design and implementation. Software for

integrating various platforms to enable

secure data transfer in-house and business

to business. Cables (S); Computer Software

(D;E;M;S); Computer Services / Supplies /

Training (S) Brand Names: The Y2k Register

compliant Export: Worldwide


P C A General Importers & Exporters cc

59 Ellis St, Brakpan, 1541

Tel: 011 740-8077 Fax: 011 740-8077


Head of Business Alfred Pitzer

Exporting Ms Carine Pitzer

Staff: 4 Est: 2003 Importers & exporters of

general goods, electrical, cables and

accessories. Cables (E); Cranes & Hoists (I);

Food Products (E); Fruit & Vegetables (E); Fruit

Juice & Pulp (E); General Traders (E); Hardware

(E); Kitchenware (E); Machinery – Industrial

(E); Plastic – Raw Materials (E) Import: Japan

Export: African Countries; India; Romania;



Proof Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Box 14168, Wadeville, 1422

28 Nagington Rd, Wadeville, 1422

Tel: 011 824-1146 Fax: 011 824-1237



CEO Donovan Marks

T/over: R8.5m Staff: 30 Est: 1978 Manufacturer

of cable couplers, adaptors, plugs

and sockets for underground and surface

applications. Engineering – General (E;M;S);

Electrical Supplies (M); Safety Services &

Equipment (M) Brand Names: Proof Export:

Canada; Peru; Switzerland; Turkey


Trans-quip & Parts (Pty) Ltd

Box 4608, Randburg, 2125

12 Holland Ave, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194

Tel: 011 781-1650 Fax: 011 789-4389


MD B G Breach

Finance Ms E S Breach

Purchasing W A Breach

T/over: R6.2m Staff: 5 Est: 1992 Export

procurement services. Building Materials

(E); Cables (E); Cement & Concrete (E);

Clothing – Protective (E); Cranes & Hoists (E);

Earthmoving & Construction Equipment (E);

Electrical / Household Electrical Appliances (E);

General Traders (E); Hardware (E); Hydraulic

& Pneumatic Equipment (E) Import: France;

Germany; UK; USA Export: Ethiopia; Guinea;

Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Togo; Zambia;



United Technical Equipment Co (Pty) Ltd

Box 2551, Randburg, 2125

2nd Fl, Viewpoint Hse, Cnr Main & Orchard

Ave, Bordeaux, Randburg, 2194

Tel: 011 886-0001 Fax: 011 886-0030


Head of Business, Marketing Helmut Prast

Finance, Human Resources Danny Jones

Importing, Sales Gunter Muller

Exporting, Purchasing Vernon Kistan

T/over: R300m Staff: 24 Est: 1976 Export

trading house specialising in export of

South African manufactured products into

sub-Saharan Africa. Agricultural Implements

& Machinery (E); Animal Feeds (E); Asbestos

& Asbestos Cement Products (E); Batteries

(E); Bearings (E); Building Materials (E); Cables

(E;I); Cement & Concrete (E); Chemicals /

Additives (E); Engines & Motors (E)


Universal Clips (Pty) Ltd

Box 58124, Newville, 2114, 6 Factory St,

Industria North, Roodepoort, 1709

Tel: 011 477-1310 Fax: 011 477-7476

uniclips@uniclips.co.za • www.uniclips.co.za

Head of Business, Exporting L J Groves

Sales A Saville

Purchasing Ms J Prinsloo

Credit/Accounts Ms D Wagner

Staff: 86 Est: 1967 Manufacturers of hose

clamps in carbon and stainless steel, bolted

clamps, worm drive clamps and wire

clamps, leadlights, booster cable pliers

and spring wire rings, nursery baskets,

hub cap rings and small metal pressings.

Boats & Boating Requisites (M); Electroplating

& Galvanising (S); Fasteners – Industrial (E;I;M);

Motor Accessories & Spares (M); Pipes, Tubes

& Fittings (M); Wire & Fencing Products (M)

Brand Names: Uniclamp, Zero, Universal,

Grolok, Brand drawer slides. ISO 9002 and

QS 9000. Veloset, Hema, ISO TS 16949:2002

Import: Italy; UK Export: Australia; Hong

Kong; Italy; Korea, South; New Zealand;

Singapore; UK; USA; Zimbabwe





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